If you have ever gone to college then I bet you must know about the Rice Purity Test because it was officially used in colleges and universities with the sole purpose of socializing. Officially the footprints of Rice Purity Test lie in Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA in 1930. At that time a number of tests were developed and discovered but only a few of them got popularity.

The Rice Purity Test Online.

Among them one is the Official Rice Purity Test. And now the test is available online that’s why you can easily enroll in the test anytime and from anywhere from across the world.

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Rice Purity Test

Formally the test involved 100 Questions identified with your previous life activities and you have to check the topic which you have ever experienced in your life. When you submitted all the pertinent inquiry your score will be produced on the scale of 100. Contingent on your score of purity test your purity and honesty will be chosen and your last scores will likewise depict how your life was or how you have lived it. It is highly recommended to go through the list of domains from which you will experience some questions.

Action Plan – Enrolling in Official Rice Purity Test Online

We observed that most of the new students enroll in Rice Purity Test voluntarily with the purpose of strengthen their bonds between the other students of the college or university. Overall, the test consists of 100 different questions that start with “Have you Ever” and all of these questions belongs to different activities of your life.

How to Go Through the Test

Here comes the best tips & tricks which definitely helps you to increase your Rice Purity Test Online Score. So, it is highly recommended to go through these before proceeding.

  • First, of all have a walk through all of the queries you going to face during Rice Purity Test.
  • Check the questions which actually matches with your past life activities.
  • Submit your Rice Purity Test Online for evaluation.
  • Wait sometime and get your score out of 100.
  • Then you can refer to the Rice Purity Test Score in order to find out where do you fall in Rice Purity Test Online.

Rice Purity Test Domains

Encountering the Police

The Rice Purity Test may ask you the inquiries identified with the Police Encountering. The fundamental explanation for posing such sort of inquiries is to check how much dutifulness the understudies are with laws and how he/she can handle the cops.

Original Rice Purity Test

There could be various motivations to experience the police and a large number of the reasons are enrolled in the Questionnaire. You simply need to check the appropriate responses as they were. A portion of the inquiries from this space is shown below.

  • Had the Police Handcuffed you?
  • Been Arrested?
  • Ran from the Cops?

Smoking Marijuana

Weed or Marijuana is absolutely illicit over the world. Anybody can catch in the act and gets unbailable imprisonment. In addition, the carrying of Marijuana is likewise spreader over the numerous conditions of the world in this way, the utilization is much more than creative energy.

Rice Purity Test Online

The cultivation of Marijuana is restricted to the remote zones since the development of Marijuana is wrongdoing. At beginning times of life, the young people are uncovered of it and become addicted to Marijuana. Without having much knowledge about it they begin to hurt themselves. In the Rice Purity Test quiz, you can confront the inquiries from this Domain too. An example of inquiries is recorded beneath.

  • Smoked Marijuana?
  • Used any drug worse than Marijuana?
  • Got Caught Smoking marijuana?

Sexual Activities Outdoor

Concept of pleasuring yourself is keep on changing with the time. People love to have more excitement in sex that’s why they tend to do it at different locations especially in outdoors. Most of the teen agers are widely engaged in such sexual activities. They like to pleasure themselves in parks, playhouses, or anywhere. The main purpose of inquire about this domain is to find out how much one is desperate to have sex. Here are some of the questions shown below.

  • Had sex in public?
  • Had sex outdoors?
  • Had sex in a car?


There are a number of different definitions of crime but if we consider the simplest definition of the crime then I must say that it is something which is actually against the laws and the authorities who regulate the laws. Here are some of the examples of Crimes.

Rice Purity Test Quiz

Carrying of drugs with you is crime, cheat your friends is crime, and killing someone for no reasons is also crime. The sole purpose of asking questions from this domain is actually to analyze the criminal mindset & behavior of the people. Here are some of the sample questions.

  • Used methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?
  • Ran from the police?
  • Been questioned by the police?
  • Been suspended from school?
  • Gotten an STI test?

Digital Sex

Yup as we discussed earlier the way of getting pleasure is changing with the passage of time and it is really impacting our society badly. The new digital technologies definitely help you to get pleasure in the form of digital sex by simply using your PC, Laptop, Android mobiles, or other smartphones. Nowadays it is one of the most appealing and attractive for most of people around the world.

People engage themselves in different activities of digital sex like video chat, voice chat, or even sometime on texting. A large number of youngsters are actually victim to this kind of activities because they got easy access and exposure to the internet and other digital media.

The main purpose of asking such kind of question is to find out how much the students are desperate to have a sex. Some of the sample questions are given below.

  • Engaged in sexually explicit activity over video chat?
  • Sent or received nude photographs?
  • Participated in an orgy?

That’s all about the domains of Rice Purity Test! Being Honest and Transparent is the actual key to get your score best and to find out how innocent and pure you are. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now in Rice Purity Test Online.

Popular Rice Purity Test Questions for Boys & Girls

Here come the top rice purity questions for girls and boys. Before jumping to the rice purity test online you must go through the types of questions you going to face in 100 Rice Purity Test Quiz.

Have You Ever Purchased Contraceptive?

Be Honest with You for better results! If you ever used to buy while having sex with your partner on a regular basis. Do you buy condoms on regular bases?

Have you ever been on a date?

If you ever been on a date with a boy or a girl you must be honest with you while answering the question because the more you honest the better will be the results. Been on a date is not a bad thing!

Do you have sex with a period?

Periods occur once in a month & stay for 5 to 7 days. Medically & ethically it is prohibited to have sex while having periods but most the girls and boys are desperate enough to have sex without caring the periods. So, do you ever have sex with a period?

Have you ever been drunk?

Many times, in parties or alone people, used to drunk but while having a survey the tell a lie that they don’t drink. As said earlier honesty is the best policy in terms of Rice Purity Test. That’s why to be honest in the test means the best results in test.

Kissed someone below the belt?

Kissing someone below the belt is very common in our culture. That’s why in Rice Purity Test Quiz you may be asked such questions & you have to answer them. Nowadays no one left who didn’t kiss below the belt.

Have you ever cheated?

Cheating is the top-rated factor in our society. Boyfriend used to cheat girlfriend and vice versa. Not only this husband used to cheat wife as extramarital affairs. Have you ever cheated your boyfriend or girlfriend? Be honest with you!

Have you ever been to a pub without informing parents?

Going pub is not considered a bad thing but going there without informing elders is really the bad thing. If you ever been to the pub without informing parents say yes else leave it to uncheck!

Hence these are some of the questions that purely belongs to the rice purity test. You can read and clear all of your doubts & confusion about what kind of question you will face while going through a rice purity test. Enjoy the most popular question for boys and girls in Rice Purity Test.

Rice Purity Test Online

  1. Had a made out session for longer than 2 hours?
  2. Experienced s-xuality before puberty?
  3. Urinated in public?
  4. Been streaking?
  5. Engaged in s-xually explicit activity over video chat?
  6. Drank alcohol?
  7. Traveled 100 or more miles for s-x?
  8. Had s-x with someone with a 3 or more year age gap?
  9. Committed an act of incest?
  10. Gotten drunk?
  11. Kissed while lying down?
  12. Had a threesome?
  13. Fondled or had your genitals fondled?
  14. Used methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?
  15. Smoked tobacco?
  16. Had s-x while you or your partner were on their period?
  17. Had s-x in a swimming pool or hot tub?
  18. Seen or been seen by another person in a sensual context?
  19. Had s-x three or more times in one night?
  20. Been arrested?
  21. Sent a s-xual SMS?
  22. Ran from the police?
  23. Had s-x with two or more people within 24 hours?
  24. Went on a date?
  25. Watched a stripper?
  26. Had s-x?
  27. Kissed someone below the waistline?
  28. Participated in an orgy?
  29. Had s-x in a bed not belonging to you or your partner?
  30. Had s-x with more than 2 different people in a week?
  31. M-sturb-ted?
  32. Had s-x 10 or more times?
  33. Had someone walked in on you while doing something s-xual?
  34. Showered with someone from the opposite s-x?
  35. Swallowed someone else’s genital secretion?
  36. Had the police handcuffed you?
  37. Watched pornographic material?
  38. Been skinny-dipping?
  39. Had the police called on you?
  40. Gone through the motions of intercourse while fully dressed (dry humped)?
  41. French kissed in public?
  42. Got in trouble and been sent to the principal’s or dean’s office?
  43. Danced really closely with someone?
  44. Been convicted of a crime?
  45. Held hands romantically?
  46. Played with or had your breasts played with?
  47. Had oral s-x?
  48. Vandalized something?
  49. Kissed or been kissed on the neck?
  50. Purchased contraceptives?
  51. Sent or received nude photographs?
  52. Played with or had your behind played with?
  53. Massaged or been massaged sensually?
  54. Had s-x with a partner while someone else was in the same room?
  55. Been questioned by the police?
  56. Received or given a hickey?
  57. Had a relationship?
  58. Kicked a roommate out of the room or house so you can have s-x?
  59. Had s-x in public?
  60. Had s-x in more than four positions in one session?
  61. Had s-x with five or more people?
  62. Been kissed or kissed someone on the breast?
  63. Had s-x outdoors?
  64. M-sturb-ted to a photo of someone you know?
  65. Kissed a non-family member on the lips?
  66. Been suspended from school?
  67. Smoked marijuana?
  68. Gotten severe memory loss due to alcohol?
  69. Done an act of voyeurism (been a “peeping Tom”)?
  70. Impregnated someone or gotten impregnated?
  71. M-sturb-ted with an object?
  72. Had an orgasm during your sleep?
  73. Had s-x in a car?
  74. Cheated during a relationship?
  75. French kissed?
  76. Gotten a STI or STD?
  77. Gotten a STI test?
  78. Had s-x while someones parents were home?
  79. Had to act sober to parents or teachers when you were actually drunk?
  80. Filmed or photographed yourself or others during s-x?
  81. Got caught m-sturbating?
  82. Used a drug worse than marijuana?
  83. Been given an orgasm by someone?
  84. Kissed a non-family member?
  85. Undressed or been undressed by a member of the opposite s-x?
  86. Used a s-x toy with a partner?
  87. Had s-x with no condom?
  88. Spent the night with a member of the opposite s-x?
  89. Played a stripping game?
  90. Experienced a pregnancy scare?
  91. Experienced anal s-x?
  92. Had s-x with a virgin?
  93. Had s-x with someone who you weren’t in a relationship with?
  94. Paid someone or been paid for any sort of s-x?
  95. Had s-x with someone you met in less than 24 hours?
  96. Had s-x on a plane?
  97. Played a drinking game?
  98. Participated in bestiality (performed a s-xual act with an animal)?
  99. Thrown eggs at a house or car?
  100. M-sturbated with someone else in the same room?

Rice Purity Test Score Online

SCORE: 100-98

A score some place in the scope of 98 and 100 is the best appealing and reasonable score. Generally, only a couple of people fall into this range. All things considered; it is seen that the people who are carried into the world with a silver spoon get scores like these.

This sort of score bearers is significantly needy and moreover criminal objected. They are typically named ‘Ruined.’ But there may be some who need to experience everything in their life and get the hellfire consequently.

SCORE: 97-94

The second range of score start from 94 and ends at 97. Though it is a small range, but after hardwork and long research the specialist classified this scorecard as the people with such score are consistently developing.

Later on, they can also score 100 that’s why these people also have some criminal records and are involved in some bad habits.